Mr. Granoff Builds His Dream House

After 30 years in business, Rich Granoff is finally ready to build his dream house.

Recently, Rich and his wife, Jill became empty nesters and realized they were ready to downsize. They have dreamt of living on the water for a long time and now that it was just the two of them, it seemed the perfect time to do so.

So, the search for the right location began. They considered beachfront properties in the Hamptons, riverfront properties along the

Hudson, and even their favorite island, Turks and Caicos, for a more tropical setting. But at a closer look, none of these locations felt quite right. Even his son Jake, now an architect himself, could not think of the right place to execute Rich’s vision.

One day, surrounded by close friends while kayaking in Old Greenwich, Jill and Rich had an epiphany. Maybe it was the serene setting, the joy of being among friends or maybe it was just that pitcher of Sangria they all shared before hopping into the kayaks. They realized that the waterfront in their hometown would make the perfect setting; they need not look further.

Rich could see it: a modern, waterfront property with cutting edge technology right here in Greenwich! A house like this would have been considered preposterous ten years ago here, where traditional architecture still reigns supreme. With the boat rocking him towards shore, his vision was starting to come into focus. That is until Jill chimed in, “Oh this is great! Jake can help with the design, so I guess I get to be the client! After all, this will be my house…” As it turned out, Jill had some ideas of her own.

Dream Vision

With the family in tow, Mr. Granoff began his journey to build his dream house. Over the next year, we will be following the process, from design development to construction and beyond. Follow along for an in-depth, behind the scenes look at what it takes to build a house, the challenges at every step and how creative problem solving, innovative building materials and a little bit of patience can get you there.

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