Our Philosophy

While some architects are known for a particular look, we resist being limited to a single architectural style. With projects ranging from award-winning historic restorations to sustainable modern homes and offices, we respect the past while embracing the future, taking advantage of the latest technology. This balanced perspective leads to structures of enduring value and timeless appeal. We believe that green design is critical and incorporate sustainable strategies into each project.

For clients, our unparalleled commitment to project management allows for a smooth, timely and enjoyable process. Yes, we love our work. We collaborate with clients, listening carefully to their needs and then providing the best solutions. Working with the latest CAD systems and 3D modeling software, we supply the clearest picture of what’s planned. With impeccable communication throughout the process, we ensure the best results for our clients. And their satisfaction is our success.





Granoff Architects provides a vibrant atmosphere that attracts and retains talented people. Our interdisciplinary, creative and collaborative approach allows each team member to be involved in his/her full potential. Our office environment is fun, fast paced and congenial. An equal opportunity employer, we are always seeking to add new talent to our office.