Matthew McMaster

Matt’s passion for architectural design emerged while attending Hobart College where he pursued a major in architectural studies and a minor in art history.  As a small liberal arts college, Matt was able to develop a strong architectural skill set while also pursuing a variety of other subjects linked closely to the profession including drawing, sculpture and furniture design.

Matt began his professional career working as a summer intern at Mark Finlay Architects in Southport until graduation from Hobart.  In 2010, Matt decided to further his education, pursuing a Master of Architecture degree from Syracuse University.  While attending Syracuse, Matt had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy where he worked and traveled, developing a strong understanding of classical architecture.

Upon graduating in 2014, Matt continued his professional career at Mark Finlay Architects until joining the team at Granoff Architects in 2018.  Matt currently resides in Norwalk where he lives with his wife and close by to both of their families.  In his free time, Matt enjoys skiing, hiking, rock climbing and spending time in Vermont.