Demolition Party Planning 101

Rich and Jill never miss an opportunity to throw a great party. For their 30th wedding anniversary in 2016, they invited their closest friends and immediate family to join them in Jamaica for a long weekend celebration. The event was such a huge hit, the thirty-five attendees became known as the ‘Jamaica 35’. In the midst of planning a Jamaica 35 reunion, Rich and Jill also wanted to show their new property to their friends before they tore down the existing house. So, the concept of a demolition party was born!

Step 1: Pick a theme.

This was an easy one for the Granoffs since they already knew the party had to pay homage to the original location- Jamaica. They wanted to celebrate the waterfront location that made the trip such a big hit and even flew the Jamaican flag.

Step 2: Set the scene.

Once the theme was settled, Rich tracked down a Jamaican food truck and mixed up the rum punch for everyone to enjoy. He teed up an all-reggae soundtrack to help everyone relax and enjoy themselves.

Step 3: The Pièce de Résistance- Spray Paint!

If you are wondering how this is different than a regular party, the answer is a generous supply of spray paint! With the house coming down soon after

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