The Usual Suspects

They say “it takes a village”.

This is especially true for a new home project. Although Rich designed his house, there is a large team of professionals both on the design team and construction team who continue to collaborate with him to fully realize his vision.

Meet the ‘cast of characters’ involved with Osprey Point:

Design Team

Jake Granoff – Intern Architect

Jake was born with architecture in his blood and grew up going to construction sites with his father. In his early teens, he declared that he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. He attended the School of Architecture at Syracuse where he he had internships at prestigious firms like Robert AM Stern, A+I and Joeb Moore & Partners. Since graduating in 2017, he has been working at Morris Adjmi Architects in NYC.  Jake worked closely with Rich on the schematic design of Osprey Point . He drew the initial plans and developed the early 3D models, providing a lot of input on the massing, fenestration and layout. In addition, he became the arbiter of “stalemate” client decisions between Rich and Jill Granoff!

Gian Colangelo – Project Manager

Gian was also born with architecture in his blood as the son of Vince Colangelo (ironically, the architect of Rich’s first townhouse in Greenwich in 1989). Gian received his Masters of Architecture from Columbia University in 2013 and worked in NYC for James Garrison and then Cary Tamarkin. He joined Granoff Architects in 2015 and quickly became a rising star. A very strong designer and an expert at 3D modeling, he worked closely with Rich to develop the design of Osprey Point, create the drawings and a 3D movie.  He is also acting as the Project Manager, assisting Rich with daily project coordination and logistics.

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